EEC German License Plate - Berlin

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EEC German License Plate - Home of Berlin

The EEC German License plate - Home of Berlin, is the best value accessory for any German car that you're trying to deck out. Bring the famous German craftsmanship to your bumper and show all your friends and family how much cooler just having a German License plate makes your car. Turn the heads of all who see your amazing automobile with fully customized German plates.

All our plates start as a blank Aluminum sheet, cut down to the proper dimensions. Once finished with coloring, they get stamped with authentic german text. The final manufacturing step is the coloring. All the raised text and outline on the plate gets finished with standard black font color.


The EEC German License plate is the latest version for vehicle registration plates in Germany, first used in 1994. The German License plate has a few features to it that make it stand out among the previously designed plates:

Detailed German License Plate

1. The blue decal:

  • The European Flag; gold stars in a circle with a blue background.
  • The abbreviated country code; in this case, D for Germany or Deutschland

2. The first letters on the plate:

  • Represents the city or region that the car is registered in
  • One letter for larger cities or regions
  • Two letters for medium cities or regions
  • Three letters for small cities or regions

3. The set of Registration seals:

  • The green seal on top shows the expiration date for the German plate
  • The seal below is for the corresponding city or region that the German plate is registered in

4. The letters of the Registration Serial number:

  • Random unique letters of the Serial number

5. The numbers of the Registration Serial number:

  • Random unique numbers of the Serial number